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WebTools: Real-time Visibility

Web Tools is a web/cloud-based application that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics® GP and other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.WebTools monitors activity and provides real-time updates, alerts, and control to warehouse operations. The result is a new level of responsiveness based on the most accurate and up-to-date information.

FASCOR Web Tools:

FASCOR Vice President, Andy Klare comments:
“In this order it today – expect it tomorrow world, warehouses and distributors are under mounting pressure to improve responsiveness. As such they are continually battling bottlenecks, inaccurate or inadequate replenishment, delays, system failure, and countless other daily emergencies. In these critical times quick and decisive action is the key. Until now, management decisions were based largely on instincts and whatever information was available at the time. FASCOR Web Tools creates a real-time window to the warehouse floor providing access to timely and accurate information associated with the inventory, order fulfillment, transportation and related floor activities. Web Tools bridges the systems interoperability gap to monitor and report on activities in real-time delivering new levels of visibility, control, and responsiveness.”