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Turn those Millennials Loose!

Like all industries, Distributors are seeing a changing of the guard on the warehouse floor.  Good old Baby-Boomers and even Generation X’ers are leaving the workforce or moving on to higher positions.  This void is being filled by the next wave of candidates – a generation we call “Millennials”.

While some may view this rising generation with a little skepticism,  one should instead be anxious to leverage their interests, knowledge, and comfort with technology.  One must understand the unique mindset of this new generation.  Millennials are hard-working and are used to working with their minds.  Just as Generation X grew up with personal computers, Millennials were born with a phone app in their hand.  They understand technology, are comfortable with it, prefer it, are interested in it; and frankly are great at applying it.

This is a talented, energetic, independent and resourceful generation.  So why not take advantage of those things?  Don’t just look at Millennails as order-packing robots. Make sure they understand the big picture of your operation. Who knows; they just might have some ideas to make things better.