Warehouse Management System & Software

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Tier 1 Functionality (At a comfortable price point)!

FASCOR’s Warehouse Management System is a Windows-based application that interfaces seamlessly with in-house ERP and accounting systems. FASCOR WMS tracks orders and inventory in real-time using RF, bar codes, and other auto-id technology. This allows users to maximize control of orders, warehousing and distribution operations while optimizing use of personnel and equipment.

Manufacturers and distributors have demanding operational needs that require proven, field-tested and feature-rich functions. Our systems have gained a reputation for their ability to provide specific mission critical applications.


FASCOR WMS is designed to improve material flow and throughput.  Its scalability and flexibility also supports future growth and expansion of facilities and systems.  Engineered and developed to control costs, improve inventory accuracy and availability of material, FASCOR WMS also enhances personnel productivity, resource scheduling and customer service.

Functionality For any Size Company

FASCOR WMS offers companies of ALL sizes a broad and rich set of warehouse operation functionality. Our software provides a real-time systems foundation that allows for expansion while delivering the ability to respond quickly to changes in business objectives, vendor considerations, and customer requirements.

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