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The Tier 1 Dilemma

Designed and priced for large enterprises, Tier 1 Warehouse Management Systems typically contain a number of added features well beyond what’s needed by Tier 2 and smaller companies. For example, Labor Management and similar features add unneeded functionality and cost.  At the same time Tier 1 WMS providers are generally staffed to handle large complex Tier 1 accounts.  Consequently these systems are generally out of reach for most small to mid-size organizations.

“Many small and mid-size companies need require a WMS solution offering basic Tier 1 functionality at a comfortable price-point,” explained FASCOR President, John Klare, Jr. “These companies face many of the same challenges as much larger organizations. Yet unlike their large counterparts, small and mid-size warehouses and distribution centers typically have neither the needs nor the budget for a large Tier 1 WMS. This is where FASCOR can help.

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