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The Distribution Workforce

I was researching a topic recently for a story and came across an interesting blog post on the DC Velocity web page.  Want to hear about it?

The author, Senior Supply Chain Recruiter, Brett Schurmann, offered his insight in a post titled: Hardest Time to Hire Since 2000! In a nutshell, Brett states that its a competitive industry out there; and distributors need to adjust the way they attract talent.  But please read the post for yourself (this brief recap doesn’t do it justice!)

I contacted Brett to learn more – some of what I learned will be the basis for future FASCOR blog posts.  While Brett focuses his efforts on filling managerial positions in the industry, he nonetheless had some interesting observations concerning warehouse floor associates.

Its no secret that the industry is facing a workforce crisis.  The turnover rate among hourly warehouse workers is the highest of any industry and I’m on a quest to learn why.

Do you have thoughts on this?  If so, I’d love to hear your take.  Contact me and let’s talk about it.