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The Bottom Line

In the 80s we started to hear the word “lean” being used a lot – especially as it related to manufacturing.  A decade later we began hearing it applied to virtually any and all businesses. The global economic turmoil of that time meant that companies had to adopt a new business model in order to stay afloat.  Consequently organizations of all types and sizes were forced to scrutinize all areas of the business; from front office headcount to hardware, applications, and processes to donuts in the break room – everything was fair game.

Today, those who failed to adopted this lean thinking are long gone. Companies still meticulously monitor all of the obvious places to eliminate redundancy, automate manual tasks, and slash waste.  But what’s left? Where should you focus; and where might significant savings still be hiding?

Think About Your Supply Chain

In recent years the supply chain has emerged as a likely candidate for improvements.  As a result manufacturers, warehouses, and distributors of all types and sizes have upgraded their warehouse management system (WMS), added a transportation management system (TMS), automated order fulfillment, installed a new conveyor – so how much more can any company really save?  Although it all adds up, we’re honestly talking about an incremental impact at best right?

Not so fast – what if I were to tell you that FASCOR customer, ORR Safety, is saving nearly half a million dollars each year by leveraging an integrated FASCOR warehousing/distribution/shipping solution?

FASCOR’s integrated solution is providing:

Read the ORR Safety case study here.

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