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Spotlight on… WebTools!

The most recent developments for WEBTools primarily encompass updates to the navigation bar. Here’s a look at what users can expect to see in the near future.

In the updated WebTools navigation bar users can now click to toggle menus and sub-menus. This allows menus/sub-menus to stay open even if the cursor exits the menu box.

Collapsed Menus
The new menu system also collapses when window size reaches a certain width. When this happens, the menu can be opened via a toggle button in the upper right hand corner, that expands an accordion-style menu. This improves readability for narrow windows.

Facility Name
The name of the current facility is now listed in the navigation bar, between the WEBTools logo and the facility number. More WebTools enhancements are in the works for 2017 including: A Report System Update, Report Library, Report Building and Changes to the User Interface.

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