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WebTools – Quantify, Measure, Track and Improve Performance and Processes

Changing conditions on the warehouse floor require immediate action.  But how do you know if you are making the right decision?  Critical decisions require immediate access to the most accurate information — anything less is a shot in the dark.

FASCOR Web Tools serves as the command center of your warehousing or distribution center.   Totally integrated with your tools, systems, and processes, Web Tools continually monitors and manages the flow and progress of all information and activities.  Web Tools puts information at your fingertips providing a clear and accurate snapshot of the operations at a moments notice.

FASCOR Web Tools:

Webtools Monitors

Take control of your warehousing or distribution processes with the visibility that only FASCOR Web Tools can provide. Web Tools integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP and other ERP systems to deliver complete visibility across all warehousing and distribution functions.  FASCOR puts real-time information at your fingertips with Web Tools allowing critical decisions to be made quickly based on the most accurate information.

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