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Predictability is the New Key Word

In today’s electronic world it’s only a matter of time until manual data recording tasks are eliminated completely – and the trucking industry is the next target on the digital radar.

While the mandate will clearly have its biggest impact on the transportation industry, any business relying on over-the-road carriers for inbound or outbound freight will feel a residual effect.  “Digital Tracking means that the clock is always ticking,” explained Bob Klare, President of Megacorp Logistics. “More sitting means less drive time and drivers cannot afford to sit idle waiting for distributors to get their shipping act together.  Turn-around time is vital and loads have to be ready when the truck is scheduled to arrive.” Klare says industry estimates show that the new mandate will impact available truck capacity by 5% to10% thus setting off measurable transportation cost increases and severe delivery delays due to insufficient truck availability.

The truth is that the trucking industry will ultimately pass the burden on to the distributor who will incur added costs and pressure to have goods ready for quick loading/unloading. It’s therefore imperative that distributors have an efficient shipping process in place. “Predictability will soon be the keyword throughout the industry,” said Klare. “Warehouses risk late deliveries, excessive charges, or being labeled as liabilities among the transportation industry. Carriers will begin rating warehouses, sharing that information, and avoiding high-risk customers.”