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Justifying a TMS

A recent industry magazine blog post offered up some surprising findings regarding how a number of companies view the importance of a Transportation Management System (TMS).  

The author’s research indicated that nearly half of the companies he talked with were not convinced the ROI justified purchasing a TMS.  The top reasons for this were spelled out by the author included in this order:

  1. Payback was not clear
  2. Not a priority for the Executive team
  3. Lack of organizational readiness
  4. Considering a 3PL as an alternative

I’m not sure which companies were a part of the blog author’s studies; but you can be sure that FASCOR TMS users were not among them.

Consider FASCOR TMS/WMS customer, ORR Safety. The company’s  integrated FASCOR TMS/WMS approach is delivering some staggering yearly savings of $500,000.

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FASCOR TMS capabilities and options include: