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Today’s Manufacturing: Its all About Connecting people, systems, and processes

Not long ago, the word global applied almost exclusively to the Fortune 500; now its business as usual for companies of all types and sizes.  As a result today’s new business driver is connectivity.  Because uniting disperse departments, partners and customers (all with unique systems, platforms, and processes) is critical, bridging these islands of information requires the level of integration that only FASCOR can provide.

For manufacturers, with the added demand of managing extended global supply chains, connectivity challenges are exponentially greater.   Manufacturing encompasses a broad range of steps, processes and tools:

Supporting today’s lean manufacturing initiatives hinges on new levels of integration and responsiveness; and real-time information visibility is the key.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing

More and more manufacturers are embracing Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing to track, manage, and ensure the availability of accurate product and process information. As a Microsoft development partner, FASCOR is uniquely qualified to integrate and extend the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP. FASCOR WMS integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP, along with other ERP, business, and manufacturing systems to deliver new levels of control, visibility and responsiveness.

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