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FASCOR WMS solution has the power and flexibility to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and traceability.

Distributors in the food and produce industry are constantly in a race against time.  At the same time, they must conform to a mounting number of rigid industry and legal guidelines.  FASCOR WMS solutions are trusted by our customers to deliver operational control and to help deliver a better bottom line for each.

Efficiency – By automating your organization’s paper processes in your warehouse/distribution center, you will realize significant gains in efficiency and productivity.

Accuracy – When your organization decides to automate with a FASCOR Warehouse Management System (WMS), order accuracy will be yet another benefit your organization will realize saving you time and money.

Improved Client Service – Anything that improves client service is a major step forward for your organization. With a FASCOR WMS solution, you will realize all of the benefits shown above resulting in greatly improved client service and a more robust bottom line for your organization.

Compliance – FASCOR’s WMS ensures that your company is not “AT RISK” but rather is in compliance with today’s industry regulations and initiatives.

Country of Origin Label (COOL) – The COOL initiative is a major undertaking for produce/food companies today. With FASCOR, we help ensure that your organization meets these standards.

Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) & Recall – FASCOR allows you to accurately trace products (i.e. lots, etc.) throughout your operation.  Putting this information at your fingertips when you need it most saves time, money and potential legal liability.   Don’t be AT RISK when you can be in COMPLIANCE. 

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