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Dynamics GP Integration: Real Results

From sales, order fulfillment, shipping, replenishment, inventory, tracking to finance and beyond, all areas of the company must be part of a complete warehouse management strategy.  (read more)A tightly integrated ERP/WMS delivers the level of visibility, control and responsiveness needed to support such a strategy.

When it comes to WMS / Dynamics GP integration, care should be taken to select a solution from a partner with proven Dynamics GP experience. Understanding the intricacies of Dynamics GP is key to accelerated implementation while fully leveraging the strengths and capabilities of each system.

Real-Time Visibility / Real-World Examples

As a Microsoft development partner, FASCOR has the expertise to seamlessly bridge WMS with Dynamics GP.  Here are just a few examples of the results that are being delivered:

Example: RepairClinic

RepairClinic relies on Microsoft Dynamics GP to automate, plan, and track business processes. Adding FASCOR’s WMS to the mix provided real-time visibility across the entire warehouse and supply chain. The results were new levels of productivity, accuracy, and cost-savings. RepairClinic Vice President of Supply Chain put it this way: “People are amazed at the technology driving our distribution center. Adapting to changes in picking, packing and all other areas has increased productivity while improving quality.”

Today the company is:

Example: ORR Safety

ORR’s nine distribution centers process orders for equipment from more than 600 suppliers. Integrating ERP, Order Fulfillment, Inventory, and Shipping is critical to streamlining processes, ensuring accuracy, and controlling costs.

FASCOR’s integrated solution provided ORR Safety with:

ORR’s Corporate Distribution Manager stated: “FASCOR knows distribution.  Their integrated WMS and shipping solution saves us nearly $500,000 each year in freight and labor costs.”

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