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What’s different?

Everyone claims to have “the best Warehouse Management System”.  But let’s face it, by-and-large all WMS perform basically the same functions: Order Fulfillment, Replenishment, Tracking, Transportation Management, and so on.  The question you should be asking when considering adding or replacing a Warehouse Management System is: “What’s different?”

What separates FASCOR from the pack:

  • Unmatched ERP /Microsoft Dynamics GP integration expertise
  • We consistently deliver measurable and sustained improvement
  • Unparalleled Responsiveness and a passion for customer service/satisfaction
  • Scalable solutions to meet your specific needs and budget

At FASCOR we strive each day to solidify our reputation for quality software and exceptional service.  Our team of engineers and professionals works to understand your specific business drivers and requirements and deliver innovative and reliable solutions that help you maximize core operational functions, save valuable resources and deliver the right product on time, every time.

FASCOR is a recognized authority in logistics and distribution management. Our fully integrated distribution solutions automate and streamline warehouse/distribution operations enabling our clients to:

  • Eliminate Errors
  • Control Costs
  • Boost Efficiency
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Accelerate Profitability

At a Glance

  • Serving the Industry for more than 25 Years
  • Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH (USA)
  • Family Owned, Customer-Driven


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