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Survey: State of Retail & Vendor Supply Chain RelationsRelations

Are We Getting More Integrated and Collaborative – Or Heading in the Other Direction? Help Needed from Retailers and Vendors/Brand Companies. Supply Chain Digest is asking you to participate in its 2nd Biannnual Benchmark Study.

Are you predictable? Why you had better be.

In the Fall 2017 issue of Transportation & Logistics International magazine, editor Alan Dorich comments on a transportation industry study by Oregon State University (OSU).

The Bottom Line

In the 80s we started to hear the word “lean” being used a lot – especially as it related to manufacturing.  A decade later we began hearing it applied to virtually any and all businesses.

The Changing Role of the CSCO

Many larger organizations have an upper management position solely responsibility for the global supply chain.  Often this position is referred to as the Chief Supply chain Officer or CSCO. In recent years the duties associated with this function has transitioned from a hands-on operator to a strategist.

“Producing” Results

Interesting read on Supply Chain World’s Mag.com about the food industry and some of the unique supply chain challenges that industry faces.  Read More…

Supply Chain Management 101

How much profit do you think the manufacturer makes on a simple product – like a $1.50 bottle of water? Not much considering the vast amounts of costs and touch-points in a typical supply chain.  Read more…

Dynamics GP Integration: Real Results

From sales, order fulfillment, shipping, replenishment, inventory, tracking to finance and beyond, all areas of the company must be part of a complete warehouse management strategy.  (read more)

WMS that Won’t Break the Bank

Small to mid-size companies face many of the same challenges as much larger organizations. Yet unlike their large counterparts they typically have neither the need nor the budget for all of the added extras (and cost) that generally comes with a large Tier 1 WMS. Read more…

Webinar: FASCOR WebTools

React more decisively, more quickly and anticipate changes on the floor with FASCOR WebTools. See how the program provides access to the most up-to-the-minute information and visibility across warehouse / distribution functions and departments. Read more…

FASCOR WMS for Manufacturing

As a recognized leader in the adhesives market, Gorilla Glue, Inc. manufacturers and distributes 19 distinct product lines. When growing demand exposed the company’s largely inefficient paper-based production control system it was time to take control. Read the case study here.

Consulting Services

At FASCOR we put more than 25 years of supply chain experience to work for you.  We are uniquely qualified to offer deep insight and a fresh perspective on your unique warehousing or distribution requirements. 

FASCOR Names Bryan Jones Chief Financial Officer

As FASCOR’s newly appointed Chief Financial Officer Bryan assumes financial leadership with responsibility for directing the company’s finance, accounting, human resources, and strategic sourcing functions.

Supercharging Your Dynamics GP Investment

Those relying solely on Dynamics GP, or another ERP system, to effectively manage supply chain data may be fighting an uphill battle.  So what’s the answer and what does this mean for your ERP investment?

Manufacturing Inventory Management

For manufacturers with the added demands of managing raw materials and related inventory, storage, and distribution — access to real-time information is critical. 

Transportation’s Hidden Costs

Our Transportation Management System can deliver efficiency and savings in a number of ways.  One of our distribution customers is saving nearly half a million dollars each year with FASCOR TMS.

Predictability is the New Key Word

In today’s electronic world it’s only a matter of time until manual data recording tasks are eliminated completely – and the trucking industry is the next target on the digital radar.

Tier 1 Functionality (At a comfortable price point)!

FASCOR’s Warehouse Management System is a Windows-based application that interfaces seamlessly with in-house ERP and accounting systems.

Get to know FASCOR!

The FASCOR name may not be familiar to you; but I’m sure you’ll recognize many of our clients: Gorilla Glue, Castellini Companies, ORR Safety, RepairClinic, and North America’s largest Stihl distributor – Bryan Equipment are just a few. 

A WMS is the Key

So what’s the best way to ensure a transportation-friendly distribution center?  First and foremost take a closer look at your warehouse and transportation management processes, tools, and supporting technologies.

Real-Time Visibility at Work

As a Microsoft development partner, FASCOR has the expertise to seamlessly bridge WMS with Dynamics GP.  Here are just a few examples of the results that are being delivered: